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Hard to believe the year’s almost over! First of all, I want to wish you a happy holiday season and all the best in 2015.

And second, I’d like to give you three tips to help you drum up more ghostwriting business, make more money, or both, in the new year.

Contact Former Clients

You never know what former clients are up to … if you don’t contact them, that is. Chances are, they’ve got another project in mind. Your timely email can be just the impetus they need to get it started, and you’re likely the right ghostwriter to take it on.

Raise Your Rates

How long have you been working at the same rates? If it’s been a couple of years or more, then consider raising your rates by 10% to 25%. Even if you increased your rates one year ago, go ahead and give yourself a 5% raise on January 1st.

Write What You Enjoy

If the kind of writing you do isn’t your favorite, branch out. In addition to writing what is currently paying the bills, write something just for fun. Once it’s done, figure out where to sell it. Would it work as an eBook? Can you submit it to a magazine or website? Could it serve as a guest blog post? (You can reach a whole new set of readers – and potential clients – by posting on someone else’s blog as a guest.)

Make 2015 a productive, lucrative writing year. Whether you ghostwrite full-time or on the side, always be your most professional in your interactions with current and potential clients.

One more thing – commit to learning more about the business of writing. Even if your primary strength will always be quality writing (as it should be), the more you learn about sales, marketing and strategic business decisions, the more business you’ll drum up. For starters, take a look at this intriguing strategy. What do you think?

Happy writing,

Graciela Sholander

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