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Finding them is a treasure hunt, to be sure.

Some exist on Craigslist — search beyond your own geographical region to find more gigs.

I used to find good ghostwriting projects at Guru, but nowadays the good projects are fewer and rates are lower. It’s still a fine place to check out opportunities, though.

Gigs are out there, and using these helpful suggestions from Ghostwriter Dad Sean Platt, you’ll start to find them:

3 Quick & Effective Search Tips for Finding High-Paying Writing Jobs

The bottom line is make your search more specific, and steer away from the term “freelance.”

It takes a great deal of persistence and perseverance to succeed in this field. It also takes thinking creatively to market yourself and reach out to potential employers. I’ll address this more in the future.

Be well, and enjoy writing,

Graciela Sholander

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In the world of ghostwriting, there’s always a gig to match your level of experience and writing skills.

Here are two places that offer ghostwriting jobs:

Gotham Ghostwriters, www.gothamghostwriters.com. They seek writers with considerable experience. Many of the positions available here are for speechwriters.

Ghostwriters For Hire, www.ghostwritersforhire.com. Solid writers who are new or intermediate ghostwriters will find job opportunities here.

Good luck!

Graciela Sholander



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