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If you’re a ghostwriter, is there a point to writing and publishing your own eBooks?

Absolutely. An eBook is a great tool to promote your writing skills. Most of the time you can’t share with prospective clients what you’ve ghostwritten (due to confidentiality agreements), but you can always show off your talents through an eBook.

When you’re communicating with a prospect who’s contemplating hiring you, include a list of your published eBooks. In addition, send her a PDF version of one of your  eBooks to serve as a writing sample.

Along with boosting your writing portfolio, eBooks bring you extra cash each month through ongoing royalties. The more eBooks you publish, the more money you’ll see come in. You may not make a fortune, but at a minimum you will offset some of your freelance business expenses.

I’ve just published my third eBook – a fun read that shines a light on our upcoming holiday:

Valentine’s Day: How We Celebrate Love And Friendship Around The World

I had fun writing this, and as with every writing project, I learned a lot from the research I did for this eBook (sound familiar?).

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day (or the newer Singles Appreciation Day holiday), I want to express my gratitude for your interest in and support of my ghostwriting blog! I value each of you and thank you for reading my posts.

Have a productive week and a beautiful weekend,


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