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A big thank you to my dear friend, the talented writer & poet Christy Birmingham, for inviting me to write a guest post on her blog, When Women Inspire. Creativity has its rewards, and a community of like-minded individuals can be one of them.

When Women Inspire

Today I’m welcoming G.B. Sholander to the blog! I met her many years ago in the writing world and her family is full of creatives so I encouraged her to tell me more about them. The result is this wonderful guest post. Let’s give her the floor!

Creativity runs in the family Meet the Sholander family! The writer of this guest post is on the far left. 😉 Photo used with G.B. Sholander’s permission.

In our family, we value creativity highly. Perhaps that’s why we have writers, artists, and computer programmers in our immediate family. To keep moving forward and keep growing in these pursuits, we’ve found that a strong sense of community is vital. Let me explain.

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Recently I ran across two compelling posts, which I’ll share with you in a moment, that discuss raising your fees.

Both pieces encourage freelance writers to charge more. The reasons given are sound. They include:

1. Low-paying clients tend to be difficult to work with.

2. You will burn out quickly – and possibly quit writing – if you’re constantly working long hours and receiving small paychecks.

3. Higher-paying quality clients will see you as an amateur if your rates are too low, and they’ll end up hiring someone else.

4. With better rates your attitude (and your self-esteem) will improve, raising the quality of your life and your writing.


If you’d like more reasons to increase your writing fees, read the following. The first comes from the International Freelancers Academy and focuses on why you should raise your rates. The second, which I learned about through Gotham Ghostwriters, comes from Freelancers Union and explains how to charge more.

Seven Great Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Fees Starting TODAY

How To Raise Your Freelance Rates

You and your services truly are worth it. If  specialists in other fields can charge more for outstanding skills and service, why not you?

All the best,

Graciela Sholander

Find out where the ghostwriting jobs are.

Learn what three successful ghostwriters want to share with you about this business.



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Just had to share this “Book Light” with everyone because it’s so incredibly clever. Kudos to Christy Birmingham for posting about her new discovery!

Poetic Parfait

Light looks like book Lumio light. Screenshot from Design Milk.

Lights can be more than just your typical lamp or flashlight. Now, lights come in shapes that resemble books! How much fun is that?!

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Pick Up A Free Book

Writers and friends — for the next few days, my co-authored ebook Dream It Do It is available for free at Amazon.

Pick up a copy today. If you don’t have a Kindle (I admit that I don’t), you can use your computer to access and read Kindle-ized books.

I co-authored Dream It Do It with my friend Sharon Cook years ago. It was published by a small publisher, and once published it proceeded to do some good things in the world. When the publisher closed shop to pursue other dreams, we converted the book into an ebook.

One of the dreamers and doers featured in the book launched Dream It Do It clubs in colleges in southern Florida.

A publisher in South Korea purchased foreign rights to the book and created a Korean-language version.

Some of the people we wrote about have passed on. A couple have fallen from grace, so to speak. Many have grown their dreams and others have reached new ones.

Regardless, the lessons learned from studying how people reach their life goals are timeless, and they can help you with your writing dreams.

Be well,

Graciela Sholander

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In the world of ghostwriting, there’s always a gig to match your level of experience and writing skills.

Here are two places that offer ghostwriting jobs:

Gotham Ghostwriters, www.gothamghostwriters.com. They seek writers with considerable experience. Many of the positions available here are for speechwriters.

Ghostwriters For Hire, www.ghostwritersforhire.com. Solid writers who are new or intermediate ghostwriters will find job opportunities here.

Good luck!

Graciela Sholander



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